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Experience for providing equipment and services over 10 years in oil and gas industry.

Clients include government, oil company, service company, manufacturer, commercial company, individuals from all over world.

Focus on the products solution from upstream to downstream in fossil energy industry.

Outstanding supplier, Reliable partner,Honest OEM, Excellent Manufacturer, Efficient agent,Brilliant designer

 Aim to provide most cost-effective products and services to our clients, let 90% of oil-gas field can choose us from all over the world

We bring your best services

You get best experience

Hot projects
  • Packing


  • PT (Penetrant Testing)

    PT (Penetrant Testing)

  • UT(ultrasonic testing)

    UT(ultrasonic testing)

  • Hardness Test

    Hardness Test

  • Product design and development

    Product design and development

  • MT(magnetic particle testing)

    MT(magnetic particle testing)

  • CNC Machining

    CNC Machining

  • Mechanical test

    Mechanical test

  • Forging


  • Manifold Operation Testing

    Manifold Operation Testing

  • Surface Inspection

    Surface Inspection

  • Water Gas Testing

    Water Gas Testing

  • SSV Commissioning

    SSV Commissioning

  • Operation Testing

    Operation Testing

  • UT on forging

    UT on forging

  • Gate Valve packing

    Gate Valve packing

  • Weld Flange Packing

    Weld Flange Packing

  • Oil Cleaning

    Oil Cleaning

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